Thalgo exceptional body cream


Exceptional Body Cream


RRP: $201.00


Exceptional Body Cream is a rich silky cream that melts on the skin and glides onto the body, deliciously enveloping the skin in nutrience, leaving a mother of pearl highlight finish to give you beautiful skin.

It treats not only the skin but combats unwanted curves and water retention, to give you total radiance and an exceptional body.

Aimed at women aged 45+ suffering from cutaneous sagging, wrinkles, bloating and cutaneous dryness associated with menopause. Natural Algae Hormones continually stimulate the skins vital functions, rebuilding itself from within, as if plumping up your skin to give it a noticeable new density.


  • 94% of women agreed that Exceptional cream improves the elastaine within the skin making it firmer and smoother.
  • It also contains Unislim and Pro-Sveltyl to stimulate the production of siruins, enzymes that are capable of emptying the adipocytes and preventing their expansion, causing the cream to have a slimming attribute.
  • Will also drain the tissue helping you lose up to 2cm from the waist and up to 2.1cm from the thigh!

Contains Algomega and Shea Butter with a feminine floral and powdery fragrance that glides onto the body and melts the skin with a silky envelope!

Exceptional Body works in synergy with other Thalgo treatments such as Slim & Sculpt or the Thalgomince Body Wrap. Paraben free, Mineral Oil free,

Propylene Glycol free, No GMO or Silicone and no animal by-products (except beeswax).

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